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Sebuah penelitian yang dilakukan oleh Putut Aryo Saputro yang dilakukan di Kabupaten Batang.

Demokratiasi & Representasi Popular Studi-Kasus-Kabupaten-Batang (1)

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By Ilham B. Saenong,

Program Director Transparency International Indonesia

Linida, as beautiful it may sound is not somebody’s name, nor a government project. It do resembles what a person needs and complements what government should do when it cannot do it the right way without citizen participation. It is a story of people engagement in negotiating their demands to shape development planning and improve public services in Batang district, Indonesia.

Considering most public services are provided by local government after decentralization, open government commitments considered by many will fail to reach the majority of citizens if only implemented at the national level. Then comes an opportunity to support the idea when the Government of Indonesia—was then the OGP chair—announced a mission to mainstream the OGP principles to the local during the OGP Summit in London October 2013. The idea has been tested in 3 pilot projects by the Open Government Indonesia (OGI) 2013 action plan with little avail on people participation. So we took over the idea and created our own local OGP initiative by promoting demand side of openness.


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